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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

MSNBC: Tim Russert

On the September 25 edition of NBC's Meet the Press, Jefferson Parish president Aaron Broussard lashed out at host Tim Russert for rebroadcasting Broussard's appearance on Meet the Press three weeks ago, in which he emotionally recounted the story of the death of the mother of Jefferson Parish emergency services director Thomas Rodrigue.
MSNBC reported that Thomas Rodrigue disputed some portions of Broussard's version of those events, including the date of Eva Rodrigue's death.
On September 25, responding to Russert's questions regarding Broussard's account, Broussard criticized attempts of "black-hearted people [who] want to nitpick a man's mother's death," and stated that "Mother Nature is not playing any political games" in light of the tragedy he has witnessed.


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